As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 24

Dewdrop (continued) The party continues into the tower. Upon reaching the door, the party learns that it’s magically sealed, but Veil is able to unlock it. Light from within spills out. The party is standing within a small foyer featuring a staircase leading both up and down. In the foyer there is a single coat hanging on a rack. It’s a nice coat befitting a noble gentleman. The walls, floors, and ceiling of the structure … Continue reading

As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 23

Luca’s Truth Luca begins to explain more about his family and the keep. Veil walks through the house looking around. Veil is unable to tell if there is a specific deity that Luca follows. Luca speaks about his son, Sergio. He says that Sergio is doing what he needs to do and working exactly as he should. Luca and Sergio stay in touch while he is away performing duties for the country. Loyalty comes first … Continue reading

Eldricorns, The Crystalline Steeds

Eldricorns are believed to be horses that adapted to the effects of raw eldria during its spread. They were first discovered in the Shardlands, but they can be found anywhere in areas of naturally occurring eldria. Though they run at a steady pace, they have not been bred for speed, and are instead primarily used for trips and duties requiring long, steady pacing. The magic infused in their bodies has led to them resembling unicorns … Continue reading

As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 22

Reclaiming Raziel Raziel disappears, and Hove tries to jump into the water after him. Upon leaving, Raziel finds himself in a  body that is not his own; he is seeing through the eyes of another. Raziel goes through an endless series of defeating beasts, fighting on a mountainside and preventing various things from rising; the snow turns into a blood red slush. Time moves forward, and then he’s in Maverick’s body. Maverick doesn’t stop fighting … Continue reading