Bondless Amari


  Some amari never forge a psionic bond with a laris tree. These individuals are usually either uninterested in sharing their minds with another living being, or unable to find a laris who calls to them. This is rare, but these amari are known as the Bondless, and the majority of the amari race consider them misguided, naïve, and lacking the innate morality and sense of direction provided by the ancient laris bond. Even though the … Continue reading

Osept “Unchanged, Immovable, Indomitable”


  Osept “Unchanged, Immovable, Indomitable” Colors: Tan, River blue, Red Banner: Serpent Population: 9,001,698 Capitol: Eiliept Government: Dynastic Monarchy Leader: Grand Pharaoh Uzlak Languages: Oseptian, Common, Rancar Notable Exports: Spices, Gold, Jewelry, Magical goods, Textiles Known as the “Gateway to the East”, Osept is a kingdom whose main roads connect western Asarus to the southeastern half of the continent. Windswept deserts dotted by pyramids and sandstone sculptures cover the nation, but extremely fertile lands near … Continue reading

Cypress “On Horizons of Prosperity”


  Cypress “On Horizons of Prosperity” Colors: Turquoise, Green, White Banner: Albatross Population: 18,065,498 Capitol: Erealon Government: Imperial Republic Leader(s): Jesnek Zi’Apheru, Emperor Languages: Cypran, Vavalish, Sillarian, Isril, Leyarish Notable Exports: Masonry, Spices, Vaedric Technology, Wine The Imperial Republic of Cypress prides itself on being a cornerstone of culture in a brutal world. The kingdom’s export of marble and other luxury goods have made the nation irreplaceable in the global trade market, and Cypress is on … Continue reading

Washu “Pride. Power. Dynasty.”


  Washu “Pride. Power. Dynasty.” Colors: Red, White, Black Banner: Cherry Blossom Population: 10,829,339 Capitol: Zu Kiei Government: Magocrical Oligarchy Leader(s): zi’Zengguang Chern, Grand Mage Languages: Washun, Common Notable Exports: Magical Goods, Spices, Tobacco, Exotic Goods Washu is an exotic island nation located off of the eastern shores of Asarus. Steeped in arcane tradition, this kingdom is known for her great centers of magical learning, large population of tieflings, and foreign spice trade. Until the … Continue reading