Airships: The Technology of Flight

Layout The current layout and design of airships requires a specific number of technologies to be integrated in order for the airships to function as expected. Typically airships require the existence of a hull, eldric sails, an ether drive system, a ballast, and a steering house. Vaedric cannons, while not necessary from a flight standpoint, are usually onboard most airship vessels. Hull A typical airship resembles it’s sefaring breathen quite closely, with the same general … Continue reading

As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 34

The Church of Aleydra Veil wants to go to the church of Uryll, and the party as a whole decides to go on some religious outings. Outside of estate district there are no open air locations, the entire city is covered in buildings. Ana, who worships Teiris, finds that the top of a building on the western side of the city is opened to the sky, and Teiris worshippers meet there almost every day. Violet, … Continue reading

Airships, to the Furthest Reaches of the Skies

Airships Flitting across the vast skies of Vathis, from mote to mote, city to city, village to village, fly the airships of our age. Airships have tied the far corners of the world together, allowing multitudes of people to travel from one end of the continent to the other. From the military industries of the major nations, to the dreams of small-time adventurers, airships are highly sought after for the freedom and influence that they … Continue reading

As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 33

First Day in Dragonheart The party heads into Dragonheart, hearing the city-folk talk of business meetings and gossip. Nothing peaks their interest. A headline on a newspaper warns the city to prepare for a sticking snowfall, as a blizzard is blowing in from Wintyr. All of the important buildings are along a row in the central district, where most inns and taverns are upscale, nothing that a lower income individual would be able to afford. … Continue reading