Gnomes: Out of Sight, Builders and Innovators

Masters of technology and craftsmanship, proficent in the arcane and arts of magic, able to trace their ancestry all the way back to the Vibrant and only standing four feet tall, gnomes consider themselves a proud and influential race among the people of Vathis. While they’re often compared to the similarly small halflings, they’ll be sure to tell you that the two are nothing alike. Gnomes pride themselves on their ability to innovate and help drive … Continue reading

As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 28

Snowball Fights Violet was hit by a catapult. There are two soldiers near it, and we hear marching, and soon notice a column of soldiers marching towards the party. The catapults are firing rocks at the party. They soon realize the soldiers have stopped, and as they look around they notice his mother at the door. She tells the group that her son liked the prince best, and that he had an overactive imagination. He … Continue reading

Halflings: Small in size, big in heart.

Big things come in small packages. This age-old adage is believed to have originated from (and is almost exclusively used to describe) halflings. While they are the smallest race to inhabit the civilization of Vathis they are one of the hardiest. Having endured a past full of hardships, trials, and tribulations, this small race has survived thanks to their bravery, sociableness, and persistence when it comes to dying. Boasting no place to call their own, halflings exist … Continue reading

As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 27

Welcome to town! The party approaches a fortified gatehouse. There is one guard on the opposite end of the gate who asks where we’re coming from, as they don’t get many visitors here. His name is Alexander. No one finds anything out of the ordinary in the city, and the snow begins to fall as the party proceeds. Within fifteen minutes it’s coming down pretty heavily, but people are bundled up and take no notice … Continue reading