Tieflings – The Spirits Within

Tieflings “Existing for millennia within the exotic nation of Washu, tieflings have a long history and a rich culture, and within Washu they have established an ethnic religion surrounding the spirits of the world. However, the Darkest War has introduced a new type of tiefling born from the unholy couplings of the Shattered Hand and their prisoners of war.” As a whole, tieflings are humans that possess a small smattering of fiendish within their bloodlines. … Continue reading

As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 20

 Information The party spends the evening scrolling through the books in the library. They find a series detailing Gwen and Mav’s lives, and learn that their marriage was arranged by their mothers. Gwen is from an offshoot of the Stardragon family of Vavaire – the party speculates that Lesigha may have been her grandmother, but later finds out that she was Mav’s grandmother. Mav is from the Blackburn family, he was the heir of the … Continue reading

Acer’rin: Masters of Coin and Sea

The elves of Venoch are one of the three types of elves located on Vathis. Known as the acer’rin, they are less magically inclined than their ele’rin brethren and still live on the surface world, unlike the vae’rin. The acer’rin have made a name for themselves as the best sailors in all of Vathis. Their mastery of the seas led them to developing vast merchant operations and greatly shaping the economy of the world. Following the advent … Continue reading

As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 19

Exploring the Keep, Continued The party ventures up the stairs to find two locked doors. The south door has large gouges in the door, and there are continual flame torches on the walls. The party sees shadows dart around in the shadows, they appear similar to large dogs with antennas. Upon further entry into the room a library is discovered. The party encounters the creatures, which are rust monsters. While the party does defeat the … Continue reading