Post 50th Gen Con Wrap Up

“A litany of rhymes and sing-a-long voices couldn’t drown out the thoughts of the driver as he tried to figure out if this adventure was going to be worth it”  The driver of that fifteen-passenger van filled with boxes of books, booth materials, and team members was I, Brad Diamond. For those of you unfamiliar with who I am, I am the co-founder and creative lead for Starcalled Studios. Two years ago we wrote, Kickstarted, … Continue reading


Long ago, the gods of Vathis brought angels and archons to the material realm to aid their mortal avatars in a now-forgotten divine war. Aasimar are the descendants of these celestial creatures. Aasimar procreate as most races do, and they are also born to human families who possess divine heritage deep within their bloodlines. Some families are aware of this heritage and anticipate aasimar within their family tree, but to others, the birth of an … Continue reading

As Far As You Can Tell – Episode 29

To the Vibrant The party steps through the portal into the Vibrant. It’s similar to what they experienced when traveling to green glory, but significantly brighter. On the other side, the group stands exactly where they just were – but the trees surrounding them are larger, and more lush, than the trees on the material plane. There are flowers peaking out of the snow around the party. As the party reaches out and touches an … Continue reading

Gnomes: Out of Sight, Builders and Innovators

Masters of technology and craftsmanship, proficent in the arcane and arts of magic, able to trace their ancestry all the way back to the Vibrant and only standing four feet tall, gnomes consider themselves a proud and influential race among the people of Vathis. While they’re often compared to the similarly small halflings, they’ll be sure to tell you that the two are nothing alike. Gnomes pride themselves on their ability to innovate and help drive … Continue reading